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    ExcellenceEndeavoring for the Highest Quality and Professionalism in Our Service

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    HonestyExhibiting the Highest Ethical Standards

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    TeamworkThe Highest Collaborative Approach Amongst Our Team and Network

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    ExperienceHelping the creation of lifelong client relationships

our services

We are proud of always thinking in terms of what is best for the client; offering solutions that are not only theoretical but workable; and being responsible for leading the client along the path to success. Our Services include:

about PPC

Persia Primo Consulting is an Italian legal, commercial, tax and accountancy consultancy group based in Tehran.

Persia Primo Consulting has been established by a group of Professionals coordinated by Fulvio Degrassi, experts in corporate issues with a solid international experience, operating both in Italy and in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a team shaped to suit the needs of Italian business abroad.

For selected projects and operations, Degrassi & Partners takes advantage of the long-lasting professional cooperation with R&P Legal – a top independent law and tax firm, founded in 1949, with 6 offices throughout Italy, major international links, and more than 170 highly skilled professionals providing full service assistance and organized in 36 departments corresponding to areas of specialization: International Corporate M&A and Commercial, Banking and Finance, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law and Non Profit, to mention but a few....

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